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Stacy Johnson-owner/operator
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About Plant'n Things Lawn Care @ Yard Art 
Plant'n Things South Austin Lawn Care was started in 2012. Both Tomm and Stacy enjoy being outside and doing yard work so it was just a matter of time that they combined forces and decided lets do this. It's never a job but a joy. We are helping keep South Austin beautiful one yard at a time. We also saw the need for a locally founded company that focused on the needs of South Austin residents, primarily our neighbors in zip code 78745. We live in the neighborhood and many people reported it was hard to find someone local and dependable in South Austin. We believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction.  Today, with everyones' hectic work schedules, raising a family or attending school, why should you have to slave away on your yard on your days off when we can provide the service at a reasonable cost. 
We believe in keeping Austin Beautiful one yard at a time. We treat every client like they were a part of our family.  BIG chain companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. We we will do our best to match or beat anyones prices. Due to prices going up on gas, electricity, water and groceries we wanted to provide an affordable lawn care service at an affordable price. 
Give us a try and I am certain your be pleased.   

Tomm has been living in South Austin for the past 12 years. Moving here from Brenham, Tx where he had been living for 5 years. He was born and raised in Austin. Tomm still has family in Austin. He attended school in Austin. He is a active volunteer with Aids Services of Austin and Meals on Wheels. Tomm handles all aspects of this home grown, family owned business both in the field and  directly with clients. He will always go the extra mile. He most recently was employed in the real estate accounting field. He puts up with all the never ending projects that Stacy has going on.  Tomm still manages with all his activites to find time to care for 3 dogs, 2 cats and 3 chickens and makes certain the neighborhhod peacock has fresh food and water everyday. That's Tomm for ya. 

Stacy moved to Austin in 1997 from Big Spring, Tx. He graduated from Howard College and San Angelo State University.  Drawn to the nice weather, a cooler climate and all the activities that big city life had to offer. Stacy has always had a love of plants and gardening since a young age. He managed a nursery while attending high school and Howard College. He currently works full time with the State of Texas as an RN. He handles the Plant'n Things aspect of the business. finding vintage yard decor, unique yard accessories and makng them into one of a kind treasures for the yard. He believes in recycling, reusing and repurposing old items, keeping them out of the landfills. Stacy believes that you can never have enough yard art. Besides, if it's in the backyard who has to know :) Make your backyard a secret garden that reflects your personality. Every yard should be a haven to relax and escape to. 
Committed to serving the needs of our South Austin neighbors, one yard at a time.